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Looking at the romantic styles of their predecessors, the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic has revived in contemporary image-making. Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art. Artist, teacher, researcher and consultant, José Ramírez has been sharing his knowledge of the history of photography for 10 years; this experience authorizes him to expand on many issues related to the transformation of the medium through the years and the impact it has had on the ways of seeing.

His workshop on history, offered Read more about An open invitation to travel through the history of photography […]. Enthusiasm and curiosity are key for starting up with photography, and that entails keeping our senses open to styles, visions, and ways of processing images. All along the way, guidance is fundamental for developing our own visual style and language.

To facilitate the creation of images, a team of professionals has gathered at MIP in Read more about Photography and the power to connect us to ourselves: A conversation with Carolina Muñoz […]. Contemporary Read more about Photobooks: She then decided to face her imminent future by researching on the subject, focusing on Venezuela, the country with the highest concentration of Read more about El Mal, a photographic essay on Saint Vitus Dance […].

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Paris Photo November In the city of Paris offered a unique event dedicated to photography. On November , , people interested can attend the historic Grand Palais to enjoy the 21st edition of Paris Read more about Photo and art events worth checking out […]. TEAM An assembly of instructors that are exceptionally talented, accomplished professionals and artists who believe in the magic of image making as a hands-on experience.

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